Clear and cold

The cold winter weather continues, discouraging any unnecessary work outdoors. Normally, I take a picture or two almost every day with the camera on my phone, but in this cold weather, my fingers prefer to stay inside warm mitts as much as possible. I did brave the chill on a couple of occasions however.  

This first picture was taken at the beginning of the week. The wind was blowing, making the temperatures feel somewhere in the -35 Celsius range. The cows are bale grazing now, but we opted to feed them in the lee of the portable wind breaks this day to give them a break

This picture was taken yesterday. I had just rolled out some hay for this group of sheep. If you look closely, you can see Thor looking on from the midst of the flock.

Weathering the weather

Winter weather seems to have arrived. Cold northwesterly winds are blowing and the temperature is dropping. Most of the animals found places out of the wind today, and the pigs are no exception. the sows are experts at piling up straw and burrowing into it when the weather is cool. 

 There are actually 4 pigs in this picture, although one is off to the right.