Winter’s Reprieve

2015/01/img_3125.jpgWe have been having a wonderful stretch of above normal temperatures which makes winter much more bearable. This time of year we are in maintenance mode. The cows are still out bale grazing, and the yearlings are still out in a small pasture near the yard instead of in a corral like they would normally be by this time of year. Looks like there will be even less manure than normal to move next summer.
The ewes are near the yard but being fed out on pasture as well. We use a combination of bale feeders and rolling out bales for the ewes. This allows us to feed them enough for a few days at a time but still making them clean up their feed.

As you can see from the picture, the ewes still spend a lot of time grazing on the nice days.

The ewes use their dexterous lips to grab the tasty blades at the bottom of the plant. They will paw through snow to do this, but in this weather, there is very little pawing required.

Christmas Presents

Sometimes despite our best efforts animals take matters into their own hands. We had a ram that discovered how to crawl through the fences this summer. Luckily, I managed to catch him and move him to a more secure pen, but not before he got into a bit of trouble. As a result, 4 ewes lambed over the Christmas holidays. Luckily, it was only 4 and I sorted them out so I could keep a close eye on them and keep them in the barn. They have been spending nights in the barn during the cold weather, and are doing well and growing like weeds!