Marching On

The past few weeks have been filled with work, weather and scenes that makes it obvious that spring is fast approaching. The sheep were shorn and vaccinated, some of the yearling calves were sold, and the soon to be mothers are starting to look like they might not make their due date.


The ewes are happy to be fed out of the wind since they have lost their wooly coats.

Geese, ducks, and hawks are back, and I even saw a Meadowlark the other day. The weather had been warmer than usual until the last week, when we had lots of wind, some cold, and some snow. March is usually an unsettled month as spring pushes winter out, and this year is no exception.

This picture was taken Sunday, but an overnight storm means that the landscape is white today.


Out for a walk with the dogs. You can see Sadie way up ahead while the other 3 are keeping close.

We shouldn’t have any calves until next week, and are hoping that spring is back by then!