Wool For Sale

We are venturing into the fibre market, and are offering raw fleeces for sale. All fleeces are skirted to the best of my ability, but animals are not coated, so there is likely to be a small amount of vegetable matter, etc from winter feeding, and they may have a small amount of second cuts – this is noted on fleeces where it may be more of a concern, and prices are adjusted accordingly. Britch wool has been removed. Fleeces can be shipped at the buyers expense, or delivered if possible. Please contact us for more information about any of the fleeces listed.

A description of each breed of wool is listed below, paraphrased from The Field Guide to Fleece by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius. Click on the breed to be redirected to a listing of a description and photos of the individual fleeces available.

Romney Fleeces

A versatile longwool with varying fibre diameters. Large, dense fleeces with distinct locks and a bold crimp. Generally a low grease content, so can be spun in the grease. Amenable fleeces that also take dye well. Coarser fleeces are great for outerwear, mats and durable items, while finer fleeces work for sweaters, shawls and occasionally next to skin garments. Finer fleeces may not felt well, while coarser ones generally will.

Clun Forest Fleeces

A medium breed wool, both comfortable and able to stand up to some abuse. Dense locks and blocky staples, and a well developed crimp give it a springy quality. Can be spun from the lock or carded. Pleasant to spin with lots of air and bounce to the yarn. Also blends well with less elastic fibres, adding resilience and loft. Takes dye well. Can be used for everything from mittens or shawls to industrial felts.

Blue-faced Leicester cross Fleeces

Lustrous, silky longwool that is fairly predictable. Generally uniform fleece with a springy appearance. Locks can be slippery to prepare. Takes dye clearly. Versatile – fine enough to be comfortable next to skin, yet is durable. Blends well with other fibres. Uses include sweaters, socks, mittens, and woven fabrics for clothing and household use.

The fleeces offered are from ewes which are BFL crossed with North Country Cheviot, adding bulk and resilience to the fleece.

Coloured Fleeces

These fleeces are generally Clun Forest cross, so characteristics are similar to that breed.

Crossbred Fleeces

These are fleeces from Clun Forest cross Dorset ewes, to give a versatile white fleece.