Shearing 2.0

I was able to return to a shearing day at a friend’s this year. Shearing days are always busy, and this was no exception. With 570+ sheep to do, 8 shearers in all (6 or 7 going at once), skirting fleeces and keeping the flow of sheep going there were plenty of jobs, and plenty of help.

The shorn sheep in front and the sheep to be shorn behind. They came up the chute on the right to the shearing floor.

It is always enjoyable to meet other sheep and fiber enthusiasts and spend the day talking mostly about the two. I manage to resist bringing home any fleeces, which given the large pile of my own was probably wise, but it was hard to pass on some of the lovely crimpy ones.

Many hands make light work. Several ladies discussing the merits of this fleece while it is being skirted.

I also sheared a sheep for the first time, which was a good experience but I’m not planning a career change! It is tiring work, and the professionals make it look easy, so I’m happy to pay them to do it.

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