Romney Fleeces

GE Romney Ram

4lb 1oz.

$8/lb or $30/fleece

3 1/2″ to 4 1/2″ staple. Good ping. Some VM and some second cuts.

Romney Ram – sold


$9/lb or $50/fleece

4-5″ staple. Wide, even crimp. Good ping.

Romney Ram 2 -sold

5lbs 3oz

$8/lb or $40/fleece

5 1/2″-6″ staple. Consistent. Very good ping. A few burrs (small and fairly easy to remove, not the round velcro type) along the sides, and a small amount of other VM. Greasy. A few second cuts.

D539 Romney Ewe -sold


$6/lb or $15/fleece

3 1/2″ – 4 1/2″ staple. Very good ping. Less consistent crimp, more disorganized fleece. Some VM and some second cuts.