Coloured Fleeces

Fleeces are described to the best of my ability. If you have any questions about a fleece or aren’t sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The first fleeces are Bluefaced Leicester cross ewe fleeces. Most are 50% BFL and remainder Clun Forest or North Country Cheviot. They are similar breeding to the white BFL fleeces. More information is given where possible.

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Glister (75% BFL) SOLD

4 1/2-6″ staple. Wide, even crimp. Light to dark grey. Some VM 3lb 11oz $40

Gloom (BFL x Clun) SOLD

3-4 1/2″ staple. Very sound ping. Wide, even crimp. Some variation from finer to courser. Black to grey. Some VM (back taken out, still 3-5%). 3lb 1oz $28


3 1/2-4 1/2″ staple. Light grey, a bit darker grey. Wide, even crimp throughout lock and fleece. Fairly clean, a few 2nd cuts. 4lb 1oz $40

Calida (BFL x NCC) SOLD

4-4 1/2″ staple. Light to dark grey, a bit of black. Very wide crimp. Fairly open fleece. Some VM (5%). 3lb 3oz $30

Grover (BFL x Clun)

3-3 1/2″ staple. Break in lock 2/3 way from base. Black. Tight crimp. Moderately even fleece. Some VM (10-15%). 3lb 0oz $15

Clun Forest and Dorset Cross Ewe Fleeces

The following fleeces are from mostly Clun Forest and Dorset cross ewes and lambs, so traits will tend to down type wools. More information is given where possible on specific fleeces.

Dante (Dorset x)

2 3/4-3 1/4″ staple. Light grey to dark grey. Fairly wide crimp. Somewhat open fleece. Fairly clean with a few 2nd cuts. 3lb 6oz $28

Donut (Dorset x)

2 3/4-4 1/2″ staple, most 3″. Mostly light grey a few black and darker grey spots. Fairly soft. Even crimp. Some VM throughout (5%). 4lb 3oz $35

Erie (Clun Forest x)

2-4″ staple, most 2-3″. Mostly light grey, some dark grey and a bit black. Even crimp through lock and fleece. Down type. Small amount of VM (3%) 3lb 6oz $28

Beth (Clun Forest x) SOLD

2 1/2-3″ staple. Light grey. Mostly medium crimp, not well defined. Shoulders have better defined crimp. 3lb 12oz $28

Ansa (Dorset x)

2 1/2-3 1/4″ staple. Mostly white to light grey, some silver and dark grey. Even crimp. Fairly soft. Some VM (5%). A few 2nd cuts and some black hairs. 3lb $25

Espresso (Clun Forest x) SOLD

2 1/2-4″ staple. Grey with a few dark grey and black spots. Even, loose crimp. Fairly soft. Some VM (5%) 3lb 9oz $30

Chip (Dorset x)

2 1/2″ staple. White with a couple small black spots. Even, fairly tight crimp. Moderately soft. Fairly clean. 4lb 1oz $28

Flame (Clun Forest x) SOLD

2 1/2-3 1/2″ staple. Most silver grey, some dark grey, some black. Wide crimp not well defined. Fairly clean. 4lb 2oz $32

Flint (Clun Forest x) SOLD

2-2 1/2″ staple. Very black. Even, well defined crimp. Fairly soft. 3lb 12oz $32

Firoz (Dorset x)

1 3/4-2 1/2″ staple. Most silvery grey, some darker. Even crimp. Medium softness. Some VM (<5%) and dirt. 4lb 3oz $30

Falda (Clun Forest x) SOLD

3-3 1/2″ staple. Black. Even crimp. Fairly soft. Some VM (7%). 3lb 10oz $32

Geve (Clun Forest x Dorset)

2 1/4-3″ staple. Tight even crimp. Even fleece. Medium softness, some parts courser. Some VM (7-10%), 3lb 1 oz $25

Goose (Clun Forest x)

3-3 1/2″ staple, some 2″. Some badly weathered tips on the edges. Fairly loose crimp, even across fleece. Silvery grey. Variable fleece with some kemp. Not much VM but more 2nd cuts. Somewhat soft. 2lb 13oz $20

Gypsy (Clun Forest x Dorset)

2 1/2-3 1/4″ staple. Some very weathered tips on edges. Mostly dark grey, some light grey. Fairly soft. Some 2nd cuts. 2lb 8oz $20

Gem (Clun Forest x Dorset) SOLD

2 1/2-3″ staple. Some badly weathered tips on edges. Mostly dark grey to black. Tighter crimp. Uniform fleece. Quite soft. 2lb 9oz $20

Gelle (Dorset x Clun Forest) SOLD

3-3 1/2″ staple. Some weathered tips. Black, light grey and dark grey. Fairly even crimp. Medium softness. Some VM and a few 2nd cuts. 2lb 1oz $20

Gigi (Clun Forest x Dorset)

3″ staple. Black, a few white fibres. Wider crimp. Uniform. Quite soft. More VM (10%). 2lb 15oz $22

Gibby (Dorset x Clun Forest) SOLD

2 3/4-3 1/2″ staple. Weathered tips, some packing on sides. Mostly dark grey. Even crimp and even fleece. Fairly soft. More VM (10%) 3lb 11oz $22

Hart (Clun Forest x)

2 3/4-4″ staple. Black to dark grey, a bit lighter grey. Wide open crimp. Fairly even crimp throughout. Some kemp. 2lb 5oz $20

Coal (2020) – 20% OFF

3-4″ staple. Grey to black. Loose crimp, not well defined. Courser, open fleece. Some kemp. 4lb 10oz $25 (Sale price $20)

Coloured Lamb Fleeces

Hun (Clun Forest x Dorset)

2 1/2″ staple. Break half way up lock. Black. Even crimp throughout. Some VM and grease. 2lb 15 oz $10

Haven (Clun Forest x Dorset) SOLD

2-2 1/2″ staple. Some parts break half way up the lock. Dark black. Fairly even crimp. Somewhat soft. Quite a bit of VM 2lb 2oz $10

Romney Cross Coloured Lamb Fleeces

Hope (Romney x Clun Forest x Dorset)

2 1/2-3 3/4″ staple. Slight crackle. Dark grey to black. Romney type. Even crimp. Some VM (5%+). 3lb 5oz $25

Henli (Romney x Clun Forest x Dorset) SOLD

4-5″ staple. Mostly black. Romney characteristics. Even crimp. Some VM (back removed but still small amount). 2lb 11oz $25