Clun Forest Fleeces


A medium breed wool, both comfortable and able to stand up to some abuse. Dense locks and blocky staples, and a well developed crimp give it a springy quality. Can be spun from the lock or carded. Pleasant to spin with lots of air and bounce to the yarn. Also blends well with less elastic fibres, adding resilience and loft. Takes dye well. Can be used for everything from mittens or shawls to industrial felts. From The Field Guide to Fleece by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius.

All fleeces have been skirted to the best of my ability, but animals are not coated, so there is likely to be a small amount of vegetable matter, etc from winter feeding, and they may have a small amount of second cuts – this is noted on fleeces where it may be more of a concern, and prices are adjusted accordingly. Britch wool has been removed, unless otherwise stated.

Pictures are given of locks, the skirted fleece laid out with the name card at the neck, and the skirted fleece rolled. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to place your order for fleece(s). Prices for each fleece are listed with the descriptions. Fleeces can be shipped at the buyers expense, or delivered if possible.

Erith – SOLD

3 – 4″ staple, some 5″

good ping

fairly soft


nice fleece except for some inconsistency in staple length

4lb 14 oz

$7/lb or $32/fleece

Gliss – SOLD

2 1/2 – 3″ staple

good ping


lamb fleece

2lb 6oz

$8/lb or $18/fleece

Flyn -SOLD

2 1/4 – 3″ staple

good ping

even, well defined crimp

3lb 1 oz

$7/lb or $20/fleece

East – SOLD

4″ staple

good ping

wide, loose crimp


large, consistent fleece

5lb 13oz

$7.50/lb or $40/fleece

Fred – SOLD

3 1/2″ staple

good ping

mostly well defined crimp

even fleece

moderately soft

slightly more VM


$7/lb or $20


Clun 7 – SOLD

3 1/2″ staple

good ping

bright white

fairly soft

some VM (approx 5%)

3lb 11oz

$7/lb or $25/fleece