Clun Forest Fleeces

Fleeces are described to the best of my ability. If you have any questions about a fleece or aren’t sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

These fleeces are from purebred Clun Forest ewe and lambs. Jump to lamb fleeces


2 1/2-3″ staple. Fairly clean and white. A solid fleece. 2lb 10oz $20


2 1/2-3 1/4″ staple. Clean and white. Nice even crimp. Fairly soft. 2lb 11oz $22


2-2 1/2″ staple. Some weakness in fibre 1/2-2/3 of the way up the lock. Some VM. 3lb 5oz $15


2 1/2-3 1/2″ staple. Fairly clean of VM but some seeds, grease and dirt. Courser fleece. Fleece doesn’t hold its shape like most Cluns. 4lb 1oz $25

Friday SOLD

2 1/2-3 1/2″ staple. Tight, uniform crimp. Back shows tighter crimp but stretches out similar to the rest. Bright white. Some VM and a few 2nd cuts. 3lb 7oz $25


2 1/2-3″ staple. Slight weakness in lock. Some VM and seeds on the back, sides clean. Sides have some packing that pulls apart. Back is courser, sides are softer. 2lb 4oz $15


2 1/2″ staple. Tight, even crimp. Some seeds, dirt and VM. 2lb 11oz $18


3 1/2-4″ staple. Even crimp throughout. Even, fairly open fleece. Fairly soft. Some VM. 3lb 8oz $30


2 1/2-3″ staple. Slight weakness. Even crimp. 3lb 1oz $20


3-3 1/2″ staple. Wider, looser crimp than usual Clun. Bright and soft. Some VM (7%) and some packing on sides. 2lb 14oz $20


2 1/2-3″ staple. Uniform fleece. Quite clean and dense. Course. Left mostly intact with britch in so would be suitable for fleece study. 4lb 13oz $30


3 1/2″ staple. Softer than typical Clun. Open and wide crimp. Britch left in. 3lb 1oz $25

Dutlas SOLD

3 3/4- 4 1/4″ staple. Soft and bright. Wide crimp, most not well defined. Some VM on the back (5%). Britch left in. 4lb 14oz $30


2 1/4-3″ staple. Short, blocky locks. Tight crimp, fairly uniform. Dense fleece. Bright white. Some VM (5%). 2lb 14oz $20


2 1/2-3 1/2″ staple. Slight weakness. Dense, blocky fleece. Tight locks. Some packing on sides. Some variation between areas. Britch left in. 3lb 6oz $20

Ginnel SOLD

2 1/2″ staple. Very slight weakness. Short, blocky lock. Well defined and even crimp throughout lock and fleece. Finer and softer than typical for Clun Forest. Fairly clean. 3lb 6oz $25


3-4″ staple. Open, wide crimp. Quite white. Medium softness. Some VM (<5%). 3lb 2oz $25

Glisk SOLD

3 1/4″ staple. Well defined, even crimp. Bright white. Finer and softer than typical for Clun Forest. Some VM (<5%). 3lb 9oz $28


2 1/4″ staple. Even fleece. Blocky. Tighter crimp but course. Clean. Britch left in. 2lb 9oz $20


2 1/2″ staple. Uniform and even fleece. Typical to Clun Forest. 2lb 11oz $22


2 1/2-3 1/2″ staple. Wider crimp. Fairly uniform fleece. Moderately soft. White. Bit of VM and 2nd cuts. 2lb 7oz $20


3 1/2″ staple, some 2 1/2″. Wide open crimp and fleece. Medium softness. Doesn’t lay out nice but not a bad fleece. A few 2nd cuts. 3lb 13oz $28

Glamsy SOLD

2 1/4-2 1/2″ staple. Tight, well defined crimp. Even, blocky fleece. Fairly typical to Clun Forest. 2lb 7oz $18



3-3 1/2″ staple. Lamb fleece. Bright white. Tight crimp. Soft and even fleece. Some VM (<5%) and 2nd cuts. 1lb 11oz $20

Harton SOLD

3 1/2-4″ staple. Bright and soft. Finer and tighter crimp than typical Clun. Even fleece. Some VM (5-7%) and 2nd cuts. 3lb 5 oz $25


2 1/2-3″ staple. Even and soft. Little bit of yellowing and VM. 1lb 14oz $20


2 3/4-3 1/2″ staple. Uniform fleece. Courser and not as tight crimp as other lamb fleeces. Bit of VM. 1lb 14oz $18


3″ staple. White, soft and fine. Some VM (5-7%). 2lb 0oz $20


3-3 1/2″ staple. Wide crimp, some well defined but not all. More open fleece. Some VM (<5%). 2lb 0oz $20


2 1/2-3″ staple. Courser lamb fleece. Not well defined crimp. Some VM (5%). 2lb 7oz $20


2 1/2″ staple. Uniform and even crimp. Some packing and somewhat disorganized. Fairly clean. Decent fleece. 2lb 2oz $20

Hoover SOLD

3″ staple. Fine. Uniform. Nice defined crimp. 2lb 1oz $20


2 3/4-3 1/3″ staple. Quite white. Soft. Some VM (5%). 1lb 15oz $18