Bluefaced Leicester Cross Fleeces

Most of the fleeces offered are from sheep which are 50% BFL, unless otherwise specified. The other 50% is mostly Clun Forest and/or Dorset (where listed they are 50/50). A few fleeces are from ewes which are BFL crossed with North Country Cheviot.

Coloured BFL cross fleeces can be found here

Fleeces are described to the best of my ability. If you have any questions about a fleece or aren’t sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Holly (BFL x Clun Forest) SOLD

4″ staple. Even, wide crimp. Soft. Some grease, back out and still small amount of VM. Dirty but should wash to bright white. 3lbs 4oz $26

Dai (BFL x NCC)

4-5″ staple”. Wide crimp, Open, lofty fleece. Quite white. Back removed. 2lb 11oz $24

Gemma (75% BFL X NCC) SOLD

4 1/2-5″ staple. Well defined, even crimp. Soft. Occasional weak tip. Back removed, fairly free of VM. 3lb 5oz $32

Huit (BFL x Romney) SOLD

4-6″ staple, most 5-6″. Wide, even, well defined crimp throughout. Soft and white. Back removed, fairly clean. 4lb 3oz $40

Greta SOLD

3 1/2-4 1/2″ staple. Well defined crimp throughout, some crimp wider and some tighter. Quite soft. Very nice fleece. Back removed, minimal VM. 3lb 9oz $38

Glenda SOLD

5-6″ staple. Well defined crimp. Lustrous and bright. Airy fleece. Occasional weak tip. Some VM but not embedded, should pick out fairly easily. 4lb 3oz $35


4 1/2-6″ staple. Fairly wide, even crimp. Soft and lustrous. A slight crackle but doesn’t easily break. More VM (7%). A nice fleece, but requires some effort 3lb 7oz $22

Glouse SOLD

4-5 1/2″ staple, most 5-5 1/2″. Wide, even crimp throughout. Lustrous. Back removed, minimal VM otherwise. 3lb 8oz $30


5-6″ staple. Well defined crimp. Quite BFL-like but loftier. Nice luster. One area with weak tips removed but may be occasional weak tip remaining. Some dirt and VM (7%). 3lb 13oz $26

Hammy (50% Clun Forest x BFL x NCC) SOLD

4 – 4 1/2 ” staple. Well defined crimp. Bright. Fairly soft. Fairly even fleece. Some VM on back. 4lb 4oz $35


Janet (75% Clun Forest x 25% BFL) SOLD

3 1/2″ staple. Well defined crimp. BFL type fleece. Fairly even fleece. Fairly greasy. Some VM throughout. 2lb 11oz $22

Jolt (Romney x BFL x NCC) SOLD

4-5 1/2″. Well defined crimp. BFL type. Moderately soft. Some VM, mostly on back (5%). 2lb 13oz $22