Water, the most essential nutrient

We continue to be dealing with hot and dry weather. We have had very little precipitation since last fall, meaning that many of the watering areas are drying up. Recently, there was a case in the province of roughly 200 head of cattle dying from poor water quality leading to dehydration and salt toxicity. After years of water lying everywhere, it’s a harsh reminder of how quickly things can change, and how important water is to all living things. Where our cows currently are, we are pumping water out of dugouts (ponds) into troughs, which helps keep the water cleaner. In hot weather, it means pumping water at two places each day to ensure water is always available. One group of cows does have other sources of water, but generally prefer the water out of the trough. 

Coming for water

Gathered around for a drink

In spite of the hot weather and pastures getting dry, the cows are in excellent shape and the calves are doing well. 

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