On duty pup

Livestock guardian dogs continue to impress me. Their instinct to protect is strong, and watching their behaviour is always interesting to me. This particular day, we had some rain, which was a very welcome reprieve from the very hot and dry summer we have been having. As I approached the sheep pasture, Sam appeared, then slowly as I drove across the field, the other dogs appeared, save for Fern. Often the pups, being curious, show up as soon as they hear the side x side, but even as I continued through the flock, she did not appear. I carried on, wondering where she may be, until I reached the far side of the field. There she sat, facing the flock, back to the fenceline, on top of a hill where she could see a long way in every direction. It was the perfect spot to watch her flock. She happily came over to say hello, pose for a few pictures, and then resumed her watchful position.

Fern, showing the effects of the day’s rain.

Watchful pose

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