How do you feed them?

This question was posed to me a few times recently in regard to the livestock guardian dogs. It is something that seems straight forward to me, but of course to people who are not used to having a group of dogs who are not located in the yard or house, it is not. 

I feed the dogs when I go out to check on the flock each morning. I don’t want the dogs to leave the sheep so I bring the food to them. They are given dry dog food, and usually a piece or 2 of fresh organ meat from our butcher. I fill the dishes and place them out for each dog. If all the dogs are there, I am careful to feed the more dominant dogs first or they will chase the others off their food. Usually Thor and Ruza get the first 2 dishes, then the pups, then Sam and finally Alice. Then I wait for the dogs to finish or check the sheep that are nearby. I keep an eye on the dogs; occasionally Sam or Alice will get pushed off their food if someone else finished their own quickly (or if Lola is along and feeling hungry). It is a bit of a skill to be able to feed 6 dogs and keep them all calm and orderly. If the dogs are spread out, I will travel around to find them and feed them where they are in the pasture, but often they hear me coming and gather around for their breakfast.

Occasionally for some reason, a dog will not want all their food. If the dog gets up and leaves, I consider them finished and pick up the dish. If they come back, I might offer it to them again, depending on why they left and how much they have eaten. As each dog finishes, I pick up the dishes and any leftover food, and continue on my way.

Tula and Fern eating the last few kibbles

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