Vaccinations, heat, and bulls

That’s what June is all about. Last week, we brought the first group of calves in for their first vaccinations. Thanks to good help, we had a good day and got the roughly 100 calves and cows vaccinated and moved to their new pasture. The vaccinations are done to protect them from common diseases such as pnuemonia and tetanus. 

We have been having a stretch of hot and dry weather, which can be hard on the animals, and makes me wish they had more shade. We have had a few sheep come down with pneumonia, which I suspect may be due in part to the warm weather, which also causes them to bunch around the water trough.

The dogs spend most of their time during the heat of the day resting and will sometimes sneak off to find shade, but here Sam is resting with the sheep.

We also went this week to purchase a new bull. This Speckle Park bull will be used on our heifers this year and should produce some nice replacememts. He has very nice conformation and a great dispositon. He came from Stookeys, who have a very nice little herd of Speckle Park cattle. If you’re looking for easy keeping cattle from a grass based program, they certainly fit the bill!

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