Attitude is everything 

This is Delia. I have admired her since she was a calf last spring. She is a very nice looking heifer that I was looking forward to adding to our breeding herd. Unfortunately, Delia has a terrible temperament. She is, for some unknown reason, wild and unpredictable. As soon as you are within her sight, her head is up and her feet are moving. A cow like that can be dangerous and makes the animals around them nervous and spooky as well. 

I first noticed it this summer when she was a calf, but hoped that when she was being fed every day she would settle down. Sadly, this is not the case and she hasn’t improved. I debated, and went back and forth on whether to keep her as a replacement heifers or not, as she is one of the nicest, if not THE nicest heifer of the bunch. But ultimately, I decided the risk is just not worth it. Sure, there is a possibility she will settle down and be a good cow, but there’s also a possibility she will continue to be wild and a danger to everyone on the farm. So Delia will be getting on the truck with the steers next week and heading to a feedlot, where she will be fattened and turned into beef. Because sometimes, attitude IS everything. 

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