Returning to a balance

I attended our provincial sheep organization’s annual conference and AGM this past weekend. This is always an enjoyable time, it is a great opportunity to connect with fellow producers and learn some new information. This year, I was also presenting about abortion management. The information seemed to be well received, and there were positive comments about getting a producer’s prospective.

The conference is quite a change from my everyday routine. Normally, I spend a lot of the day alone and outside, but there I was indoors and surrounded by people. By the end of the weekend, when I reached my truck, I could tell I was tired and low on energy. As I drove away from the city and the traffic thinned, I started to feel myself rejuvenating. Watching the wildlife and landscape out my window, and seeing the open spaces with no people, I could feel the connection to nature return.

A connection with nature is overlooked so much in todays urban society. Being able to go where the only sounds are the wind, or the snow, or the call of a coyote, is a blessing that I appreciate more and more all the time. Spending time outdoors brings a balance to my life that I cannot imagine living without. img_5038

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