Another bunch gone

I loaded out most of the remainder of this years market lambs and the cull ewes today. We are left with a small group of lambs to butcher, a trailer load to sell direct to slaughter, and a few ewes that I kept to work the stock dogs with. These ewes are mostly border line culls, so if they end up bred it shouldn’t be a big issue. 

Waiting to get on the truck

These lambs were the smaller lambs, and unfortunately did not grow as much as I’d hoped since the other lambs were sold. They were out on pasture until this week, but obviously the quality wasn’t as good as I thought.  This fall has been busy and trying in many ways with the wet weather in October, extra cattle, and other jobs taking up more time than anticipated. So another job of feeding these lambs just didn’t fit in the day. At this point, all we can do is accept what we have, be glad they are healthy, and try to improve next year.

Ruza and Thor came to see what was happening to their sheep. Ruza took offence and barked at the truck for awhile, but alas, it didn’t give up the sheep. 

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