We recently expanded our cattle herd. This wasn’t exactly a planned expansion, but due to some unforseen circumstances. This spring, our neighbour and cousin died from suicide. He was a very big part of our life and it was very devastating. We had similar philosophies, and he was the only other organic grain farmer left in the area. Gordon was very caring and community minded. He would always help out if we needed a hand, and he and my dad almost always combined together, first doing his crop and then doing ours ( or vice versa). His death has been hard on all of us.

We decided to offer to purchase his cattle, in part because of the emotional connection. Walking through these cows, we are able to appreciate his efforts, and remember him. Some days it is hard, to realise that he is gone and looking after these animals is our responsibility. And some days it is peaceful, knowing that these cows can stay on the land they’ve grown up on, living a life he would approve of. 

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