I had the chance to spend some time in the pasture today. This pasture is about 200 acres of native prairie where our cows and calves are currently grazing. This pasture was grazed for a short period in June to target some tame grasses moving in and was then left all summer to regrow and rest. The cattle have been here for about 1 week and it is hard to see where they have grazed. The native grasses stay quite nutritious throughout  the fall and the cattle are contented. 

Spending time in a natural setting feels good. Often we have to remind ourselves to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Being able to stop and hear nothing but the sound of the wind and the occasional flock of geese overhead is a blessing that few people get to experience. It soothes the soul, releases tension, and reminds me that I’m one of the lucky ones.


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