Coloured Fleeces

These fleeces are from mostly Clun Forest and Dorset cross ewes and lambs, so traits will tend to down type wools. More information is given where possible on specific fleeces.

All fleeces have been skirted to the best of my ability, but animals are not coated, so there is likely to be a small amount of vegetable matter, etc from winter feeding, and they may have a small amount of second cuts – this is noted on fleeces where it may be more of a concern, and prices are adjusted accordingly. Britch wool has been removed, unless otherwise stated.

Pictures are given of locks, the skirted fleece laid out with the name card at the neck, and the skirted fleece rolled. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to place your order for fleece(s). Prices for each fleece are listed with the descriptions. Fleeces can be shipped at the buyers expense, or delivered if possible.

Britch Wool is available for $1/lb. This is course wool from the lower hind legs. It is skirted free of tags and manure.

Gonzo – SOLD

3 1/2 – 4″ staple

ok ping, slight crackle about 1/2″ from some tips

even, well defined crimp

silvery black/grey

lamb fleece

more grease

fairly soft

quite a bit of VM (approx 15%)

3lb 4oz

$5/lb or $15/fleece


3″ staple

good ping

variety of grey and black colours

courser fleece

open fleece

fairly consistent crimp throughout lock and fleece

ewe fleece

quite clean of VM

a few 2nd cuts present

4lb 4oz

$8/lb or $32/fleece


3 – 3 1/2″ staple

good ping

mostly light grey

open fleece

fairly consistent

somewhat course

ewe fleece

fairly clean of VM

2lb 11oz

$7.50/lb or $20/fleece

Dante – Dorset x ewe – SOLD

3 – 3 1/2″ staple

good ping

white to grey to black

even crimp

somewhat soft

3lb 9oz

$8/lb or $28/fleece

Coal – Clun Forest x ewe

3 – 4″

good ping

grey to black

open fleece

loose crimp, not well defined


some hairy/kempy fibres

4lb 10oz

$6/lb or $25/fleece

Euro – Clun Forest x ewe – SOLD

3 – 5″ staple

good ping

mostly light grey, some dark grey

open fleece

loose crimp

some kemp

surprisingly soft and airy, but not likely suitable for next to skin uses


$7/lb or $35/fleece


3 – 3 3/4″ staple

good ping

fairly even crimp

quite black

likely from a Clun Forest x ewe, but on the finer side for this breed

3lb 13oz

$8/lb or $30/fleece


2 1/2 – 3″ staple

good ping

fairly even throughout lock and fleece


fairly soft

some grease

2lb 2oz

$7/lb or $14/fleece

Donut – Dorset x ewe -SOLD

3 1/4 – 4 1/2″ staple

good ping

mostly grey-blue, some dark grey

open, airy fleece

loose crimp

fairly soft

some VM and 2nd cuts

4lb 8oz

$7.50/lb or $32/fleece

Espresso – Clun Forest x ewe -SOLD

3 – 3 1/2″ staple

ok ping, some weakness at the tips

light to dark grey, lots of variety

even crimp throughout

somewhat soft

very beautiful colour

4lb 2oz

$7/lb or $28/fleece

Ansa – SOLD

2 3/4 – 3 1/4″ staple

good ping

white, grey and black

most crimp fairly well defined

some loose, open parts, some tighter

3lb 8oz

$7/lb or $24/fleece

Choco – Dorset x ewe – SOLD

3 – 4″ staple

good ping

quite well defined crimp

white and grey with some black

quite clean of VM

5lb 15oz

$9/lb or $50/fleece

Glince – Clun Forest x lamb – SOLD

4 – 5″ staple

good ping


some areas well defined crimp, some looser areas


lamb fleece

not next to skin soft

some VM and some white hair contamination

3lb 6oz

$6/lb or $20/fleece


2 1/2 – 3 1/2″ staple

good ping

mostly dark grey to black

fairly consistent crimp

somewhat soft

some VM

3lb 1 oz

$7/lb or $21/fleece


3 – 3 3/4″ staple

good ping

very black

well defined, even crimp


likely Clun Forest cross

3lb 13oz

$8/lb or $30/fleece

2019 Fleeces: 25% off listed price

Coloured 2 – SOLD

2lb 3oz

$6/lb or $12/fleece

2 1/2″ staple. Lamb fleece. Good ping. Weak tips. Even crimp. Some VM.

Falda – SOLD

2lb 14oz

$6/lb or $15/fleece

2″-3 1/2″ staple. Lamb fleece. Good ping. Some VM.